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“I’m sick of my job! I’m sick of working late nights to please someone else. I’m sick of not getting recognition for the good work I’m doing. I want a promotion. but for that I have to get extra education! Like I can afford that! I need a new job. No i wanna change fields. go into something exciting. that makes me smile everyday, after every task.”

My sister listened to me drone on and on.  Getting louder and more frustrated with every word.  “What do you want to be and why?” she asked. I smiled and yelled:


I WANT TO BE A PROSTITUTE! Read the rest of this entry


Sitting in a thunderstorm….. waiting for a rainbow

Sitting in a thunderstorm….. waiting for a rainbow

“It’ll get better”

“just be strong”

“have you looked online?”

“have you actually been looking for a job”

So begins my list of shit people say to the unemployed.

In just six weeks, it’ll be a year since I became a graduate.

A year since I walked past the graduation stage at University of West Georgia and entered what I thought was a world of opportunity just waiting for me to show it my awesomeness. A year since I realized its actually a world that’s downright determined to kick my ass. Read the rest of this entry