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Nelson Mandela – He changed the World????

Nelson Mandela – He changed the World????

Since I was a child I have cringed whenever people ask me about role models and heroes. At first I would simply shrug my shoulders as though I didn’t understand the question and look wistfully at my class mates who would eagerly answer “my mother because she does everything with love.” As I grew older people asked more often, the shrug became inadequate. I would select the flavor of the month and give a vague response as to why. My answers ranged from the typical Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Chinua Achebe, Desmond Tutu, and of course Nelson Mandela with the typical universal reason being of “they have changed the world”. On the other end of the spectrum were television characters like John Rambo, John McCain, Chuck Norris “because they don’t take sh** from anyone”

But I can safely say in the hundred to thousand times I have answered that question I have been lying. Read the rest of this entry