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“What do you like about him?”

Every time you start to date someone, whether that someone is a friend of a friend, a part of the gang, you can expect to face this question, many many … MANY times. I’ve always dreaded this question. Maybe because I wasn’t into psychoanalyzing my relationships or more because I dread the reaction and judgement from whoever is asking.

I’ve dated the party animal. The man who whenever I saw him, adventure was guaranteed. he always had a drink in hand. He was the DOS EQUIS man. The most interesting man in the world. He brought out the fun in me. It was exciting that he found me exciting Passion was our game. After a steamy make out session or an embarrassing public fight any answer I gave would make my friends cringe. I would get the pity look… I was to them that insecure girlfriend who put up with the drunk asshole.

most interesting man

I’ve dated the prince charming. The one who woke up thinking of me, and slept to the sound of my voice without a care to his phone bill. The one who blew up my phone with page long txts that wished me a happy day or wanted to be sure I’d got home safe. It was lovely to have someone treat me like a queen… But that answer made me cringe.  How could I live life with someone who treated me like I was made of glass

prince charming

And now I’m dating him. He makes my blood boil, absolutely boil, when he don’t listen to me. Sometimes when he asks a question I just sigh in frustration. And that smug look he has when I ‘m wrong! ARGH! He’s not perfect… but I’m not perfect… And he makes me feel wonderful about myself and my imperfections. He laughs with me at my social awkwardness. He tells me the world is wrong even when I’m acting like a big baby… and I like that about him…

I cringe now because the answer I have to that questions is so simple, honest and straight from the heart:

“What do you like about him?”

I like his eyes. When I look in them, I see me, I see how he sees me. And I believe his eyes.

I like his laugh. And how after the echo of his laugh has faded, the air feels lighter, the world smaller and our love stronger.

I LOVE his heart. Whether its racing because he’s upset, or slow as he plans his next move, I hear it beat in rhythm with mine.

elephant love

What do you like about him